For Business

For business

Training sessions , mentorships and conferences in a modern and functionally equipped room


The modern and functionally equipped Conference Room will provide the ultimate comfort in running professional training by the most demanding trainers and lecturers [automatic projector screen, flip charts, markers, Bluetooth audio port with microphone, Surround THX Sound system, WiFi].


The exclusive Wellness Zone with a Yachtpool with integrated jaccuzzi will allow to relax all the attendees of our conferences, as well as the employees and company managements, before the next challenges.


The banquet hall with a beautiful view of the Puck Bay and the Hel Peninsula will be an amazing space to have corporate banquets.


The picturesque and varied surroundings of Marina Del Mar Resort will encourage active leisure activities [water sports, mountain biking, trekking, paragliding].


Przystan Mechelinki - Marina del Mar , Resort Deluxe, is the perfect place to organize business meetings, training sessions, conferences, corporate cruises and banquets.
  • We offer a full range of services related to organization and conducting business meetings, all to meet your expectations.
  • We provide the necessary multimedia equipment and full catering service.
  • We are not afraid of any business projects, we will be happy to host events for the most demanding clients.
  • We approach each project individually. Our Marina has been created for people seeking beauty of mind, soul and body and striving to expand their horizons in different spheres of life (architects, doctors, scientists, artists, officers, professionals, business managers, representatives of world organizations).
  • We also run sports coaching. Our conference room has been designed to run cross-fit trainings and sports activities of various disciplines. At one moment it transforms into a real fitness room equipped with ultra-advanced technically and functionally sports complex.


YOU ARE WELCOME to organize training sessions and conferences.

Przystan Mechelinki – Marina del Mar , Resort Deluxe.


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^ The Resort Przystan Mechelinki – Marina Del Mar offers 7 Rooms with a maximum capacity of 2 adults/room