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Przystan Mechelinki, Marina Del Mar - Resort Deluxe

Wellness Area

In this phenomenal area the guests have at their disposal an amazing Yachtpool with a built-in jaccuzzi of exceptional design, modern Klafs saunas , including a Steambath House, Lounge Sauna with Salt Wall, Impression Showers and the Spring with mineral sprinkled cold water, all in Pure design and Japanese style. On cloudy days, on our “Solar Meadow”, the sun will also light on. There are also heated relaxation Stone Beds and benches , and the loungers around the pool area.


In Przystan Mechelinki, Marina del Mar Resort Deluxe each can find something for oneself. For all our guests, we offer Summer drink bar on patio, Dining Room with fireplace situated on the first floor with adjoining upper panoramic view terrace and main deck next to the rooms with access to the private grass islands and also beautiful views of the Gulf of Puck on the North and cliff and meadow valleys from the South side of the resort.


Varied , hearty and freshly served breakfasts, tasty soups, appetizers, world dishes, delicious cocktails and desserts, homemade cakes are just some of the delicacies we offer. Especially roasted for us coffee “Marina Del Mar”, Japanese tea or a glass of fine wine are just a small part of the products that you can taste in our resort, too. For connoisseurs we also offer delicious regional beers and favorite drinks from all corners of the world.


Mechelinki is the old fishing settlement situated between Gdynia and Rewa. Its geographical location and varied topography are big tourist values.
Our modern building tower over the other houses. Its architecture goes beyond standards of local residences or hotels and other guesthouses, what you may find all over Poland.

Marina Del Mar is a combination of two wings integrated with decks at different heights, the central part of which is the patio. From the windows and terraces there is a beautiful view over the entire Bay of Puck, including the Rewa Point and the Hel Peninsula. In turn, from the southern side the resort is surrounded by the beautiful valley of meadows and the seaside forest and the picturesque gorge.

The resort has its own garden with a variety of coastal vegetation, lawns and “Rocky Beach”.

An additional attraction for the visitors, especially in the summer, is the possibility to observe and admire the kite and wind surfers’ exploits. Then the sky over the bay is literally “dressed up” in thousands of colored sails.

Their “competitors” for the soul and eyes of tourists are paragliders who take off on the nearby cliff.


Just a 5 minute walk to the new pier, which is the second largest wooden pier [after Sopot] in Poland. Going further along the shore, in less than half an hour you can walk to Rewa. The route runs along the coastline and the beautiful bird reserve “Mechelinki Meadows”.
It takes 10 to 30 minutes to get by car or bus to the port and center of Gdynia.

In Mechelinki there are small grocery stores, fishing bars and restaurants where you can eat different meals.

However, all roads lead to us.
The best accommodation and the best rest.
The best cuisine and the best wine.
The best views and the best relaxation for the soul and the body.

Przystan Mechelinki, Marina Del Mar – Resort Deluxe is a real Haven for visitors. Actually more like the Heaven .


You can enjoy delicious coffee, Japanese tea, a glass of fine wine or a drink from all over the world on the patio and viewing terraces. The wine available at the facility has been specially selected for Marina Del Mar.

Guests can also order and taste delicious regional beers and snacks. Thanks to this, the Mechelinki Marina Del Mar is a great place to relax and enjoy the flavors from around the world, contemplating the surrounding landscapes.

Welcome to our Marina

Our principles are – comfort, privacy, quality and relaxation on the highest level.
Thanks to wonderful location on the Mechelinki Cliff and lovely panoramic view of the entire Gulf of Puck from the North, and stunning Meadow Valley from the South, luxurious apartments and delicious wine each of our guests will feel like being in the litoral paradise.

We serve varied , hearty and fresh breakfasts a’la buffet in the Marina’s Del Mar Panoramic View Room.
With reservation packages or early booking we also offer our guests dinner a’la carte.

Przystan Mechelinki, Marina del Mar Resort offers 7 rich and superbly furnished rooms and bathrooms, of which 5 are designed to accommodate four guests [2 adults and 2 children].

Each room is equipped with a super comfortable King Size bed , folding double sofa bed, desk with comfortable and modern design armchair, flat 46 inch LCD television, wireless internet WiFi access, mini safe, hair dryer.

The two of them , called „Sea Rooms”, have awesome views of the bay from bed position through panoramic horizontal windows.

The two corner rooms in turn are doubles only and optionally can be connected to adjoining quadruple rooms through double doors hidden in the wall. By that option, multi- families can spend their holidays in comfort having a large double room apartment with the two independent bathrooms.

One of them, called “Comfort Room”, is additionally adapted for the disabled. It has larger bathroom equipped with latest technology and facilities, including a modern Duravit Senso-Wash toilet basin.

Floors in the rooms are made of panels of real wood.

The whole building has mechanical ventilation with recuperation and additionally with air-conditioning function in all rooms and reception hall, underfloor heating, LED lighting, ceiling audio system, perfectly sealed and exclusive wooden window frames in the form of sliding large glass walls shared in half.

At Przystan Mechelinki, Marina Del Mar – Resort Deluxe there are no compromises.

The highest quality, privacy, comfort, silence, unforgettable impressions , exceptional relaxation.


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